The next step…

So, now that Combos has been offcially released, I can focus on updates, I have a couple of big updates in mind which have been mentioned on the above linked posts, however before that, some refactoring and some changes to the game manager class.

  1. A change in the project structure is required. As I’ll be changing, fixing and breaking the code as the updates go ahead, I’ll need to have a ‘distribution’ branch and a ‘development’ branch to ensure that the working code which has been released is accessaible.
  2. The game manager is in-charge of rendering the actual game once you select a level, currently, the numbers which you see prefilled in the equation are placed in to the existing DOM, now though I want the DOM to be generating on the fly through the atctual renderer, that will allow the levels to be more challenging as they can be made bigger, more numbers and  more operators means more of a challenge.
  3. After the above changes have been made, I can start working on the new difficulty type which will be ‘Expert’, this will be the first difficulty type which will have more numbers involved, it will involve creating a new level generation algorithm.
Hotfix v3.0.3
  • The join operator bug has been fixed.

As always, feel free to get in touch through the comments or send me a tweet.

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