The jounrey so far…


The idea was proposed back in 2015/2016, the exact date I can’t quite recollect, however it has been a long jounery, that much is for sure. It was presented to me by my brother who had jotted it down on paper to explain the concept of the game, some of the original designs I still have, and the others have been misplaced or thrown away much like a lot of the codebase. The project was prolonged due to many a reasons – scope creep, scope change and the inevetiable refactoring of rapid prototyping. However I am extremely pleased that I can finally unveil and present Combos!

First published ALPHA build: Dec 17, 2016, 5:17 PM

First published BETA build: Dec 24, 2016, 8:29 AM

The original design of the main menu.
A design explaining how the ‘Join’ operator works.
The first ever uploaded alpha APK.

Is this the end of the journey?

I surely hope not,  I still have big updates planned for Combos, expect regular updates. Below are some the ideas which have been jotted down for (near) future implementation:

  • Expert difficulty
  • Master diffcutly
  • Longer equations
  • More mathamtecal operators (cubed, sqaure root)
  • 3+ digits
  • Multiplayer (level creation, level sharing, competing)

If you have other ideas then feel free to comment, email or tweet me and also, don’t forget to share!

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